Year Awarded For Awarded By
2017 Award for “ Best Tooling Vendor” and appreciation certificate for satisfactory completion and supply of LCA- Tejas. M/s.Hindustan Aeronautics ltd, Bangalore
2017 Excellence in Indigenous Development of aircraft parts for Defence & Aerospace Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries
2017 Award of “Sir M Visvesvaraya Manufacturing Excellence Award 2017 Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Karnataka
2017 Award for “Best Supplier in the category of In-Sourcing” for the year of 2017. M/s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd ,Nasik.
2017 Certificate of Acceptance for 100 th set of Flaperon Assembly (LH& RH) for vSu-30 MKI Aircraft M /s.Hindustan Aeronautics ltd Nasik.
2015 Award for best supplier in Machined components category M /s.Hindustan Aeronautics ltd Nasik.
2014 Supplier Performance Rating- 96.9% M /s.TARA Aerospace, Hyderabad.
2014 Award for best supplier in work package category M /s.Hindustan Aeronautics ltd Nasik.
2013 Award for best supplier outsourcing M/s.Hindustan Aeronautics ltd Nasik.
2012 Award for excellence in Aerospace Industries. M/s. SIATI Hyderabad.
2007 Outstanding Vendor Award for Development of components and assemblies of Su-30 Aircraft M/s.Hindustan Aeronautics ltd Nasik.
1985 National Awards for Import Substitution Bronze Shield Government of India Board of Awards D.G.T.D, New Delhi.
1984 Outstanding Creativity Karnataka State Financial Corporation
1982 First Generation Entrepreneurs K.L.N Foundation Trust
1981 Outstanding Performance Transworld Trade Fair
1978 Import Substitution K.L.N. Foundation Trust


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